Joining form

Choose the best way for you to secure your working life:

- Fund Membership: You are a member of the YTK Unemployment fund and get Income Security
- Combined membership: You are a member in both the YTK Unemployment fund and YTK Worklife and in addition to income protection, you will receive comprehensive work life services, such as Lakikaveri for employment problems, insurance for work and leisure, and tools for job search and skills development.
- Student Membership: you will receive YTK Worklife’s work life services without income security. Student Membership is for you who are taking the first steps towards working life.

Pay attention to these:

- If you have been a member of another unemployment fund, switching to us is easy. We will terminate your membership in the previous fund when you authorize us to do so. Thus, the working condition accrued in the previous fund will continue to be available to you.
- If you are unemployed or laid off, you cannot join or change funds.