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It's great that you are interested in preparing for the future!

Choose the most suitable YTK membership for you:

As a member of the General Unemployment Fund YTK, you can apply for earnings-related benefits for the period of unemployment, lay-offs and job alternation leave. The annual membership fee is €115 (2022), but when you join, you are only paying the rest of the year's share.
As a member of the fund, you can also join the YTK Association, where you can additionally get benefits worth thousands of euros for an additional fee of only EUR 22! Our most popular benefits are legal advice on employment relationships, legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance, but you also get insurance for your leisure time, as well as a wide range of tools and benefits for your job search, competence development and well-being.
• The YTK Association's student membership is free of charge and includes all the benefits of the association. However, student membership does not include membership of the unemployment fund.

Also pay attention to these:

- Changing your unemployment fund is easy! With the membership form, you can authorise us to terminate your membership at your previous unemployment fund, and this will transfer all the working hours you accumulated at the previous fund to us.
- During unemployment or a lay-off, you cannot join an unemployment fund, nor can you change it.